Tin frame to hold 'Reading Sheets' for the Infant Class (October, 1867).

A jumping apparatus for the boys to use at playtime (October, 1867).

Slates for home exercises (March, 1869).

'The Boys Own Paper' of which we get a dozen copies monthly is eagerly read by Standard V but I have found it rather too difficult for Standard IV (April, 1879).

At different times I have received books from publishers so that now I have about 20. As the children have often asked me to allow them to take school books home with them (a request with which I could not comply) I have formed these few books into a library for the children of this school. Nearly all the scholars in Standard II and upwards joined. (November, 1882).

According to Form IX. B, The Managers' Return for January, 1883 a library had been set up in the school with 126 books. Today (November, 1978) in the Old School library for Junior children, there are 800 plus fiction books and 1200 plus non-fiction books.

Used a piano in Schoolroom and Harmonium in Classroom with good results. (14th February, 1895).

Five dozen fans be provided for the Infants for Fan Drill (September, 1895).

Commenced using Dumb-Bells (November, 1895)........four dozen ordered.

The first typewritten letter appears in the school documents. This is the Annual Report of the Inspector, dated 18th March, 1895. Although the Inspector's Summary is typed the rest of the form is handwritten. Most correspondence from the Education Department, Whitehall was to remain handwritten for a number of years to come.

The Board decided, last night, that all books shall be supplied to the children without cost (July, 1886).

The School Board have decided to form a Lending Library and authorise the master to provide 100 books to supplement the books already on the premise. (May, 1896).

Pencil sharpener be erected in the playground (July, 1898).

Exhibited Lantern Views of New Zealand to First Class (December, 1897) and East Coast of England (January, 1900).

Introduced S & S Composition books (October, 1904).

Received a weighing machine (November, 1908).

School stock ..... most items were 50 % dearer than before the War. The quality is not good (November, 1940).

Radio, provided by the Education Authority (October, 1948).

Second-hand record player purchased (May, 1962).

Mr. Gray prepared the new tape recorder for use (June, 1965). Roneo duplicator delivered (June, 1967).

..... the climbing frame has been erected (February, 1968).

Television programmes were used for the first time in the school (September, 1968).

1. School Log Books 1873 to 1978

2. School Board Minutes Book 1873 to 1903

3. Documents 1872 to 1903 concerned with the Tetney School

Board and Board School.

Stocks and Stores Account for 29th September, 1892. This was checked once a year by a member of the School Board. Taken from the Stocks and Stores Account Book for 1892 – 1903.

Robinson Crusoe 26

Collins Illus. Reader 18

Hughes Story Books 19

Century Readers 24

Pet Readers 24

Bible and Testaments 70

Royal Readers 164

Reading Sheets 32

English Histories 117

Geography Cards 60

Grammars 30

Atlases 20

Arithmetic and Book Keeping 134

Copy Books 343

Exercise Books 570

Slates 213

Slate Pencils 12

Pen Holders 245

Cowper's Tasks 1

Colenco's Algebra 1

Extra Subject Series 84

Pens 10

Boys' Own Paper 45

Arithmetic Cards 480

Drawing Books 93

Lead Pencils 156

India Rubbers 82

Compasses 33

Rulers 123

Set Squares 52

Geometry Books 9

Set of Models 1

Large Black Board Compass 1

Geog. Readers 137

Empire Readers 0

Pre 1939

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