Childrens' Concert in Aid of War Fund (February , 1900).

"4th August to 9th November, 1914 - Troops occupy school - 5th East Yorks. and the 3rd Manchester Regiment." (Form 9E Return and Claim for year ended 31st January, 1915).

School closed - School concert for two evenings for the relief of the Belgians (February, 1915).

Several away through air raids (6th April, 1916) Miss Bailey detained by air raids (2nd October, 1916)

The 4th Manchester left here this morning. A better attendance expected as several have been away through mothers attending to the soldiers' washing (15th October, 1917).

Holiday this afternoon to celebrate the Great Victory (11th November, 1918).

All the children had tea with the teachers before leaving this afternoon as a Peace Offering (27th June, 1919).

Closed for Tetney Fair and Peace Celebration (14th July to 22nd, 1919).

The school building is being used in the evening for lectures given to Air Raid Wardens ..... In the event of a state of National Emergency being proclaimed the children are to be sent home immediately (September, 1938).

The school was used in the evening for the distribution of Civilian Respirators to the public (January, 1939). Gas masks were issued ..... to the public ..... (1st March, 1939).

..... drew up plans for measures to be taken in the event of an air raid during school hours (May, 1939).

War was declared against Germany (3rd September, 1939).

A hole was made in the school boundary wall to provide easy access to Mr. Lee's orchard where children will be taken in the event of an air raid (September, 1939).

Evening ..... public meeting ..... advice was given on air raid precautions. Part of the school building is being used as a Warden's Post. One room is fitted up as a First Aid Post (October, 1939).

Every day in the past week air raid drill was taken to accustom the children to the idea of taking cover. The classroom windows have been covered with adhesive paper tape to render them as less likely to splinter (May, 1940).

In spite of two air raid warnings at night during the week the percentage of attendance was 94.02%.

Owing to recurring air raids at night time the school will open at ten o'clock every morning ..... (June, 1940).

Air raids are a nightly occurrance .... Air raid alarm - 12.05 All clear - 12.15. The children who were staying at school for dinner took shelter in the corridor (September, 1940).

Brenda Forway was admitted. She is privately evacuated from London ..... (September, 1940).

11.37 to 11.45 - air raid. The children took shelter in the corridor and under their desks. Mrs. Tindall, as usual, came for her children. She objects to them being in school without  adequate shelter. She has no shelter at home! (September, 1939).

The following took place in 1941:-

Loud explosions in the vicinity (8th January).

The headteacher inspected the childrens' gas masks (3rd February).

From 7 p.m. to midnight German aeroplanes bombed the neighbourhood.

Some bombs fell in the Parish again and though no damage rest was disturbed (5th February).

A German aeroplane passed over the village at noon on Friday (7th February).

Bombs were heard and dropped near the village on February the 10th, 11th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 24th.

A neighbouring school was machined-gunned by a German plane during the dinner hour. No one was hurt (26th February).

.....Throughout the afternoon the building shook continually as the guns fired at enemy aircraft which approached a nearby aerodrome ..... (7th March).

Sixteen bombs fell in the Parish last night (12th May).

A window in the Infants room was found to be broken. It is not known what caused it to break, but a big explosion was heard at 7.30 p.m. on the 13th inst. when a time bomb which had been removed from a private house in Cleethorpes was exploded on the sand there (14th May).

Two windows were broken by an explosion in Humberstone where a German parachute mine was dropped (18th June).

..... school was occupied by troops who slept in every room (20th July).

The school is to be de-requisitioned by the military (September).

Air raid alert - a German plane passed over the village and could be seen amidst the shrapnel bursts from guns (3rd November).

School prepared to be used as a Rest Centre for civilians from Grimsby (18th November).

During a military exercise the school was used ..... The children were extremely interested in the 'battle' (18th March, 1942).

School closed for two days to celebrate the cessation of hostilities in Europe (8th May and 9th, 1945).


School Log Books 1863 to the present day.

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