School Work and Events

Stimulated the class to write better (September, 1863).

School opened 9 o'clock and closed 4 o'clock (1864).

Senior boys defective in 'Multiplication Tables'. Today was characterised by the busy hum of work (May 1864).

An infant class is opened "under the superintendence of Miss Nowells" (llth January, 1864). Place the scholars in Grades preparatory to the Government

Inspection (February, 1865). Gave the children rewards for being present at the Government Inspection (March).

The following is a selection of the lessons mentioned in 1865:


Counties of Rutland and Huntingdon; Towns of Northumberland; Important towns in England; English Manufacture; Countries of Europe; Draw a map of Lincolnshire; Towns of Southern England; Devonshire; Rivers of the South of England; Coalfields of England; The towns in the so-called 'Black Country'.

Grammar Lessons

Prepositions; Gave a long Grammar Lesson to the whole gallery; The Adverbs; Pronoun; Verb.

Bible Lessons

Home Exercise - 12 verses of Scripture; Life of Job; Parable of the Sower; Paul's discourse before Felix; Mountains of Palestine; Christ's Miracle of feeding 5000; Explained one of Wesley's Humns - 428.

Other Lessons

Tea; The first and second class made a slate full of good figures; Gave a lesson on 'Arkwright' for home exercise; Great men of Lincolnshire; Great painters of England; Human Frame; Gave 3 verses of poetry for dictation - The Boys Ramble; The first and second sections spent some time at drawing today. Work done noiselessly; The reign of William 1; The history lesson on the reign of Henry 1; The birthplace of some of England's Great Men.

Between 1863 and 1866, there are regular mentions of an annual trip to Cleethorpes for parents and children. They used anything between 6 and 15 waggons to transport them all.

Tried the boys with the celebrated 'potato and egg' sums of a certain Inspector - not one could do them (February, 1868).

Bible lesson on 'We all do fade as a leaf with special reference to the two recent deaths in this neighbourhood (January, 1871).

.... received the Report of the Science and Art Department for Drawing from which it appears that 11 scholars showed proficiency in freehand, 4 proficiency and 3 excellence in Geometry all of First Grade (June, 1877).

The children have worked Brown's Arithmetical Cards till they almost know the answers. I have this week received copies of Merchant's Arithmetic Cards and have determined to adopt them in the school (February, 1878).

Introduced paper folding in the Infant Class - The Infants have now the following interesting employment:- paper folding, word building, stick laying and buying and selling (November, 1885).

Commenced teaching Geography to the boys and girls together - find it works well (April, 1887).

Infants being taught to add without the aid of fingers (December, 1890).

According to the Managers Return for January 1890, children were being taught to sing from notes on the Tonic Sol-fa system. Before,this they were being taught by ear.

Introduced writing on sand in the infants (April, 1891).

We are rather troubled in writing and arithmetic in not having enough desks. The schoolroom only accommodated 64 and often we have 74 writing at the same time (November, 1891).

Lord Templeton be informed that the Board is of the opinion that chapters dealing with the evils following the excessive use of alcohol should be incorporated in the reading books in all the Board Schools so that the principles of Temperance can be taught (June 1894).

Mr. Joseph Peart be approached asking if he is willing for his child to be sent to a suitable school for Deaf children and what proportion of the expense he would be willing to pay towards the maintenance of his child at such a school (October, 1894).

1896 - Mr. Rainford started taking Musical Drill with Dumb Bells (Managers Return January, 1897). Probably the first physical exercise given since the school opened.

..... the Board take over the management of the Evening School (April, 1898).

Introduced Hoop Drill in the Infants Room (May, 1899)

Circular M.75 Lindsey County Council Education Committee, March, 1905. "Musical Instruments in School. ..... Pianos only will be supplied ..... will be charged upon the Parish."

Gave first lesson in water colour drawing (November, 1905).

Commenced the Maidstone System of Teaching the Violin.

Commenced marching in to music (April, 1906).

The school is full of wild flowers today. The children are competing for a prize (June, 1908).

23 boys and 23 girls have been transferred to the Waltham Toll Bar New Senior School (September, 1937).

A new timetable has been made and is being used experimentally. The chief alteration is an addition to the time allocated for physical training. Each class has at least one period daily.

Speech training too, will be given more time (January, 1938).

A May festival was held in the school playground. Songs and dancing around the maypole ..... (May, 1938).

Celebrated the Fourth Century of the English Bible (June, 1938).

An Armistice Day Service. Mr. Stoker lent the school his wireless set so that two minutes silence was synchronised with the Whitehall Service (November, 1938).

The school has permission to use a piece of ground in the centre of the village as a garden (April, 1941).

Upper Juniors visit Grimsby Docks Box Factory, Ice Factory and Cold Storage Centre (October, 1948). Visit to Pea Canning Factory at Louth (November, 1948).

Christmas Party - Father Christmas, Mr. Dixon, distributed his gifts from the Christmas Tree (December, 1950).


1. School Log Books 1863 to the present day.

2. School Board Minute Book 1891 to 1903.

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