Tetney is a village in the extreme North-East corner of Lincolnshire, a few miles south of Cleethorpes.

The school records, belonging to Tetney County Primary School, dating back to 1863, are the main source of material contained in the following pages. I have avoided, as much as possible, altering any of the entries. The records have been brought together into subjects to attempt to show how they have affected the school over the years.

In one case I have concentrated on a particular year, 1976, to attempt to show a comparison between our present education system and that of years gone by.

It has been difficult to show a complete picture as the Log Book for the period 1922 to 1937 is missing. Books and papers belonging to the school are now held at the County Archives Office Lincoln.

Whilst arranging the entries I have attempted to take into account two types of readers. The first must be the inhabitants of Tetney, both past and present, without whom these records would have never come into existence. Secondly there is the reader who takes an interest in our past and wishes to know more about the village school.

If anyone would like to add information or suggest some alteration I would be glad to hear from them.

Sincere thanks are extended to all the children, parents, teachers and other individuals who have come together to help produce this book. I am most grateful for all the assistance given by the Warden and Secretary at Louth Teachers' Centre.

The drawings are by Miss B. Crowther and Mrs. A. Stapleton. Those sketches marked "M.M." are taken from Maud Marshall's "Scribble Scrawl - Anything in This One" exercise book "Commenced llth May, 1908."

Written and compiled by Alan Dennis, Deputy Head- teacher, Tetney County Primary School.

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