Teaching Staff


John Clegg was 21 when he became Head Master of Tetney Board School and had taught in an Elementary School, Wesleyan, Farnworth, Bolton for two years. Before coming to Tetney he was at Westminster Training College for two years. Out of school hours he was employed as a teacher of music. (Form LX. B., Managers' Return, January 1882). He left as he had "received an appointment under the London School Boards." (Copy of letter from the Tetney School Board to the Education Department, November, 1883).

When Mr. J. Clegg resigned there were 46 applicants for the post. Mr. Rainford from Grimsby, Wesleyan, was 25 years old when he was appointed.

In 1865, according to the Summary of Attendances, Fees etc. 1865 to 1874, the annual salary was £81. 6s. 2d. of which £21. 6s. 2d. was half of the Government Grant.

In 1874, the annual salary for the Head Master was £100. 0s. 0d (School Cash Book, 1873 to 1879). The school house would be rent free.

In 1905 the salary was £120 per annum with house rent free.

(Estimates of Financial Requirements, year end March, 1905).

In 1919 the salary for men would be between £130 and £280 in 18 increments. Women between £120 and £220 in 13 increments. (Circular M.306 Lindsey County Council Education Committee).

The Burnham Committee of 1922 awarded increases.

In 1978 Head Teachers' Salaries start at £5,070 per annum, and rise in 4 incremental points.

1856 to 1860 - Charles Borman

to 1862 William Blears

to 1886 Samuel Wills

to 1867 Mr. E. J. Eversden

to 1869 Samuel Sanders

to 1879 James Canmell

to 1880 John Searle

to 1883 John Clegg

to 1883 Mr. T. M. Metcaife (supply)

to 1922 Albert Ernest Rainford

to 1925 Mr. G. W. Cabourne

to 1937 William Elson Ingall

School reassembling as a Junior Department 6th September, 1937

to 1937 Herbert Vinson (supply)

to 1942 George Bell

to 1969 Miss C.M.L. Richardson

to 1975 John Wray

to 1975 Mr. G. Lamper (acting head)

at present Paul Hewitt

Deputy Headteachers

1968 to 1971 Mr. Dale-Patterson to 1975 Mr. G. Lamper

At present Mr. Alan Dennis

Assistant Teachers

In 1874 the Assistant Teacher who worked part-time and taught needlework to the girls received an annual salary of £10. (School Cash Book 1873 to 1879).

In 1905 the Assistant Teacher taught the Infants full time and received £50 per annum (Estimates of Financial Requirements, year end March, 1905).

In 1919 in accordance with Circular M306 issued by Lindsey County Council Education Committee male assistant teachers would receive between £120 and £250 per annum in 16 increments. Female Assistant Teachers received between £110 and £200 in 12 increments.

The Burnham Committee of 1921 gave Certificated Assistant Teachers, Two years College Trained: Male £172 to £325 with £12 increments , Female £160 to £260 with £12 increments. (The Struggle for Education 1870 - 1970, R. Bourne and B. MacArthur, Schoolmaster Publising Company).

In 1978 the minimum salary for qualified teachers is £2,964.

1866 to 1867 Mrs. Eversden

to 1868 Mrs. Sanders

to 1869 Miss Crowstone

to 1883 Miss Mumby

to 1889 Mrs. Cresswell

to 1894 Miss Haith

1890 Miss E. C. Jackson

1890 to 1896 Miss Graham

1894 to 1897 Miss Blackburn

1896 to 1901 Miss Hulse

1897 to 1899 Miss Hall

1899 to 1902 Miss Taylor

1901 to 1906 Miss Hall

1904 to ? Miss Grimoldby

1906 to 1908 Miss Strawson

1906 to 1917 Miss Bailey

1908 to 1911 Miss Stewart

1918 to ? Miss Kendall

1919 to 1920 Mrs. Pawson

1911 to 1921 Miss Crowson

1921 to 1922 Mrs. Sutton

Records are missing until:-

? to 1937 Miss Rawlings

? to ? Mrs. Maddock

1941 to 1943 Mrs. Cooper

1941 to ? Miss Mawer

1943 to 1966 Mrs. Farrow

1950 to 1976 Mrs. Nutt (Miss Hill)

1966 to 1967 Mrs. Jukes

1967 Mrs. Adams

1964 to 1968 Mrs. Bedford

1968 to 1977 Mrs. Johnson

1971 Mrs. Moor

1971 to present day Miss Crowther

1973 to 1975 Mrs. Wray

1973 to present day Mrs. Fisher (Miss Little)

1976 to present day Mrs. Dickson

1976 to present day Mr. Salton

1977 to present day Miss Coy

Sewing Teachers

1864 to 1866 Miss Nowell

1867 Miss Burman

1867 to ? Mrs. Chapman

1870 Miss Hewson

1870 to ? Miss Trent

1873 to 1879 Mrs. Searle

1879 to 1880 Mrs. Graves

1880 to 1889 Mrs. Wells

Pupil Teachers

From 1846 certain schools, as long as they received a good report from one of Her Majesty's Inspectors, could train pupil teachers. The training, which included teaching a class and being taught themselves each day, lasted for five years and usually from the age of thirteen. Head teachers gave the instruction to the pupil teachers. The Pupil Teacher, John Rumfitt, as well as teaching all day had instruction from the Master from 6.30 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. in the Summer Months, and 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. in the Winter Months (Form IX.B. Managers Return, January, 1882).

"Where a female pupil teacher has, with the approval of the Managers, received instructions out of school hours from the Master, the following Certificate must also be signed:- The instruction of the female Pupil Teachers out of school hours by Mr. Albert Rainford has always been given in my presence.

Signed: Mabel Hulse (aged 25 years)"

(From Managers Return, January, 1899)

When the pupil teachers had finished their five years training in a school they could enter for the Queen's Scholarship Examination. Those who were successful entered training college for three years although few stayed for the full training.

1873 to 1875 Emma Haith

1875 to 1879 when she qualified and continued as an Assistant Teacher, Maria Mumby

1876 to 1880 William Hewson

1880 to 1883 John Rumfitt

1883 Annie Robinson

1887 to 1890 Walter Haith

1890 to 1894 Lillian Bellamy

1894 to 1899 Lucy Hewson

1898 to 1902 Gertrude Rainford

1902 to 1903 Ralph Rainford

1902 to 1903 Louisa Crowson

1903 to 1907 Nelly Lingard (failed) (passed the King's Scholarship)

1906 Lena Cockerline (failed)

1906 Isabel Crowson (failed)


Monitors were pupils taken from the top classes who received the lesson they had to teach from the master and then the monitors taught the other pupils. There were Monitors when the school was managed by the Trustees and with the formation of the Board school two paid monitors were appointed. In 1875 the monitors would receive at Tetney Board School, £6 per annum (School Board Cash Book 1873 to 1879). The last mention of monitors in the Cash Books is 1875. The monitors were to be given the title pupil teachers.

Miss Nowell still absent. The infants are taught by monitors (January, 1866).

55 children present, not an easy matter to keep so many in order without a Pupil Teacher, but the funds will not allow any assistance at present (March, 1868).

Extract from H. M. Inspector's Report in February 1877 - W. R. Hewson and M. Mumby (Pupil Teachers) have passed fairly under article 19(e); but W. R. Hewson should pay more

attention to Grammar and M. Mumby to History.

Signed: William Lingard


At the end of this week the Pupil Teachers have changed their classes. They have each done their work well and it will be to their mutual benefit to change. Maria Mumby will now take the Infants and William Hewson will take Standard I January, 1878).

My Pupil Teacher has been preparing for the Scholarship Examination ..... he went to London on Monday llth July, 1879.

Visited the school at 8.45 and found the Pupil Teacher receiving her lessons.

R. Stark, Chairman of the Board January, 1894.

..... Miss Graham's salary be raised from £30 to 30 guineas and that she be also informed that the Board would be very pleased to see her more energetic about her duties (December,1892).

On 6th April, 1894 ..... a letter from Miss Haith resigning her position as Infant Teacher ..... the following be inserted in the 'Schoolmaster':-

Tetney School Board

Wanted a teacher for Infants' Class

Average 40

Article 68

Musical, Disciplinarian, Kindergarten, Salary £35

Apply stating age, experience, with three recent

testimonials on or before 26th April, to

Robinson Stark,

Honorary Clerk.

12th October, 1894 ..... two applications for the post of Pupil Teacher viz. Lucy Hewson of

Tetney and Sarah Rowson of Torrington ..... Lucy Hewson to be appointed ..... she receive payment at the rate of £7 per annum until 1st February, 1895 when she be apprenticed for four years, provided she P383 "the Examination, at the following rates: viz 1st year £7; 2nd year £9; 3rd year £12 and the fourth year £15 ....... Miss Graham to be appointed to teach the Pupil Teacher Needle Work and attend when they receive their lessons from the Master and that she be allowed £2. 10s. Od. per annum for the extra services.

Date unknown

Eva Dalton, Peggy Halgarth, Amy Stark, Twins Pearl and Ruby Fletcher, Jean Marshall, Margaret Barnes, Bernard Towse and brother David Sharp.

Amongst onlookers: Mrs. Halgarth and Olive Stoker


1. School Log Books 1863 to the present day.

2. School Board Minute Book 1891 to 1903.

3. Summary of attendances. Fees Etc. 1865 to 1874.

4. School Cash Book, 1873 to 1879.

5. School Documents, 1872 to the present day.

6. The Struggle for Education - 1870 to 1970.

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